Steampunk Guest Spot

We are Sandra and Claudia, better known as SanDee1899 and "die amelie", and we have started running our Steampunk challenge blog this March, after we had been searching for Steampunk challenges that would fit our styles in vain. And we are so happy about how our "baby" develops! Each month we get awesome projects entries down the lane from wonderfully talented crafters/artists  and wonderful guest designers too ;)

This month our challenge theme is 

and - as is the case with most of our challenges - we offer two separate collections: one for 2D and one for 3D projects, as we find them hard to compare when it comes to choose our Top3. The winner of our prizes are drawn randomly and we have been so lucky to have awesome prize sponsors from the very beginning and we thank all of them for being with us on that adventurous trip! :)

So we would love you to join in our challenge (and maybe win the fabulous voucher for Drycha's 3rdEye store ;)! It is still open until the end of the month ;)

To get your mojo flowing we have prepared some projects for your inspiration alongside Drycha's awesome fish card! And you also get to learn a little bit about us.

I have a long history in cute stamping and cute creations. I found cute always very limiting until I found non cute stamps and non-cute Projects. The range of non-cute works of art seems to be endless, such a lot of opportunities. Non-cute work is always so unique and in my opinion it feels like “real art”!
I love Steampunk because it is non-cute art.  
I love Steampunk because it has no limits. You can use any kind of paint, any kind of technique - everything is possible. Creating Steampunk projects did help to develop my art skills and I started to become curious to learn more... new techniques and using new tools and so on.  
I am also deeply in love with the Victorian time for example year 1899 (as it is my WWW name SanDee1899) such a lot of invention done in the 19th Century. Isn´t it impressive?  I love gears and mechanisms and I love the manner in that time and the behavior. I do love to read books from this (my favorite) century such as from Jane Austen.  I definitely would love to have a closer look in the 19th Century if I would have a Time Machine with which I could travel to England in the year of 1899.
XOXO SanDee1899

Hi and "servus",

I am "die amelie" and some of you may already know me for doing mainly timeworn, Tim Holtz style and Steampunk projects. I especially love Steampunk as I love the Victorian age and illustrations from that time - having played a lot of pen and paper roleplaying games that have their settings with this historic period. I also love everything mechanical, gears, the look of metal and also rust and machines created by more or less crazy inventors ;)

I love using metal finish embossing powders with my Steampunk creations, imitating rust in various ways, creating texture and depth using gears and rough surfaces and combining all of that with old delicate engravings of that period....all of this being veeery suitable for a Steampunk look. So this is why I feel most at home with Steampunk. I also like the warm red and brown rust colour tones in combination with some metal shine. Steampunk and Mixed Media go together so well! As I am no clean and simple crafter at all (because I simply cannot do clean and simple ;) Steampunk is my perfect playground.

die amelie x


Thank you so much, Drycha, for inviting us over to your lovely site and for being with us as our guest designer AND prize sponsor this month! :)

Products used by die Amelie and SanDee:
TES-089 cogs 2 - trybiki - zębatki  Lightbulbs - żarówki  TES-041L Lightbulbs large - duże żarówki   geometryczne tło TES-102L geometric doodles Large  studs - border TES-090 cogs3 full of words Large TES-105L


  1. Yay! What a brilliant post! Thank you soooo much, Drycha, for inviting us over to do a guest appearance with your awesome blog! I really enjoyed creating my trout using your wonderful steampunk stamps!!! I will surely use them quite regularly in the future - they are absolutely great and versatile!!!! :)

    Big hug,

    Claudia - die amelie xxx

  2. I love the Framed one that is pretty and I am waiting for the fish to talk... like the ones from tv. Such creative projects!!!!!!