DT Call!

Na początku wspomnę, że szukam osób znających język angielski w stopniu minimum komunikatywnym, w związku z tym pominęłam polską wersję tekstu naboru.  Zespoły 3rd Eye są zespołami międzynarodowymi, a musimy jakoś ze sobą rozmawiać;), nie wspominając już o pisaniu postów.:)

Do You love 
3rd Eye products? Do You have tons of ideas when You look at them?

We are looking for creative people - any kind of craft where it's possible to use stamps, badges, shadowboxes or chipboards - who join 3rd Eye team for 6 months starting in October 2013.
3rd Eye need:
- people with an active blog,
- people English speaking (at least at communicative level) - 3rd Eye teams are international (somehow we have to talk to each other;) besides blog posts 3rd Eye is published in English (and Polish, but don't worry about it)
- people who publish their work on photos good enough (here could be listed many various parameters but let's stay with good light and the general aesthetics rules. You don't have to do photo by yourself but you must have every rights to publish them)
- People who have an account on Facebook or people that can make an account there (I don't want make You to get any data to facebook, You don't even need to add Your full name there or upload profile photo, nothing, seriously. I just need to have whole team there to comunication.)
- People who rather are not in competitive teams (teams of other manufacturers with stamps, badges, chipboards or shadowboxes) I'm talking about DT term: from October 2013. the the end of March 2014. 

I mean "rather not" but there is still a chance if You're on competitive team, please admit clearly that You're on competitive team - write name, link and term You're on.

How to apply:
Send an e-mail for 3rdeye@wp.eu (Please write in English.)
in the subject line write: "DT Call - Your name / nickname - country"
Inside e-mail:
1: How did You know 3rd Eye?
2: Why do you want to be in the 3rd Eye Team and why You're the best for this place? Maybe You participate in many challenges? Or do You have You Tube channel and upload interesting videos regularly? Maybe You're author of great tutorials?
3: Write something about yourself. I don't think about long stories:) just tell me something interesting about You.
4: Show your achievements. Any publications? DTs? Winnings? If You have resume somewhere on the net (for example on Your blog)- just give me link for this. Note: we invite the "new" persons too! - talent matter ever so!
5: Enter the address of your blog. Do You have a facebook / twitter / flickr / pinterest / other galleries? - Write about it too.
6: Show photos of three works with stamps/badges/chipboards (1project=1photo, max 700pxl on long side) Projects don't have to use 3rd Eye products but we love to see how you create with them!

You can apply until 15th September 2013r.

Good luck!

Plase share info about DT Call - thank You!

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