Grid design background with stencils - video tutorial

Hello there! Today I'm hoping to spark an idea in your head with this background tutorial. It's really simple but yet effective and you get to play with your stencils! So please check the video underneath to see how I created the background for the layout you see above.

Now that you've seen the steps, let me explain a few things which I didn't have enough space in the video. For starters I tell you why I added the gesso first. It's because gesso creates a layer to the paper that prevents color mediums to soak in. And in order to have those misted bits water-color like blobs instead on circles of mist there needs to be a layer preventing the mist from soaking to the paper immediately. Of course you don't have to use mists to add the color, any color medium will do!

And why then again I'm adding the mist there in the first place? It's just a visual thing - I wanted the grid to have more color than just the amount I can put there through the stencil. So to add a touch of color in there first and then layer the ink on top creates a more colorful background than just using the stencil. If you have a really open stencil (with a lot of gaps) or use the same stencil many times over the grid, you can definitely go without the added color. 

As I typed in the video, I don't mind the "rough around the edges" look. To me that's really appealing and likable. If that's not your cup of tea, you can always draw the shape of your grid to a piece of paper, cut the grid parts off thus creating a stencil of the grid and layer that one together with your stencil to prevent the ink from going over the edges.

Needles to say you can use any colors and any patterns! You can use just one color with different stencils or multiple colors with one stencil or even one color and one stencil. All of the variations create a different mood to your page. As my page is about joy of discovery (my daughter learned to say the harsh Finnish R), I wanted to use multiple colors to have that happy, playful feeling!

Thank you so much for visiting today! I hope I have inspired you! If you have any questions, please just leave a comment or mail me! 

Supplies from 3rd Eye:

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  1. I love the color and outside the grid lines bit! And those small purple circles look like eyelits, regardless, I love 'em.