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Hi there everyone! It's Riikka here sharing a background tutorial with you!

There's many text or calligraphy style papers out there right now. You can achieve the same look with some text stamps and a bit of patience. This particular set by 3rd Eye is really great for making this kind of background as with the heart the words form a relatively straight edged rectangular. Having that kind of "block" makes things easier with aligning the words and columns. Of course you could stamp the words to the page one by one, but that would require much more time. With the block you can cover a larger area quickly! 

Please watch the video below to see how I created the background for the page above and also for the layout at the bottom of this post! 

I used acrylic paint when stamping but simply changing the medium the outcome changes dramatically. Just think about white paper with watercolor like text compared to the one you see above. 

Also by changing the color of the background paper you can create a very different mood to your finished page. Just compare the two layouts I made - one with black background and the other with the kraft. The other page is about autumn and other about winter as the season is changing. For the autumn feeling I also used the new leaf stamp and embossed the design in gold to a piece of vellum. There's also 3rd Eye chipboard, a sticker and flairs in the page.

Materials from 3rd Eye:

TES-209 seasons TES-255 fall river - leaves TES-257L sprig large - branch with leaves stickers TEST-011 indian arrows  TEC-038 round frames TEBA-098 splashes on beige background TEBS017 doodles 

And here's the other page done with the same tutorial, just aligning the stamps, or the block, differently and using a different color background paper. The mood changes drastically. To give this page more of a winter feel I also added stamped snowflakes in the background as well as white splashes of paint.

I hope you feel inspired by my tutorial and the projects I made using it! Thank you for stopping by today! Also please remember there's plenty of different word stamps in 3rd Eye shop - click here to go browsing and find the one that suits your project the best!   

Materials from 3rd Eye:

TES-209 seasons TES-273 fairytale snowflake TES-274 small fairytale snowflake stickers TEST-002 stars TEBA-160 shield - white and blue

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